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Bournemouth Pole Dancing Academy in association with John Raymond Promotions run Pole Dancing Classes aimed at people all ages shapes and sizes. We actively promote Pole Dancing as a fitness exercise so throw away pictures of perfect bodies strutting around and pole dancing in a G-string. In a pole dancing exercise class you’ll be more likely to find variously shaped mothers and grandmothers (and everyone in between) cheering each other on as they spin their bodies into shape and dance around the pole.

Most women you’ll meet will tell you it’s all for them. Pole dancing is developing confidence, self-esteem and healthy bodies all over the country. Our Instructors are trained on all aspects of Pole Dancing and trained to gear the lessons so that all can enjoy the experience in small groups or in private lessons.

Our Classes are deliberately kept small with upto 10 people a class ensuring that all have plenty of time to develop their skills on the Pole from beginners to the more advance.


Favourite Songs

  1. 1.Pour Some Sugar On Me

  2. 2.Till The Day I Die

  3. 3.Smooth


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Till The Day I Die

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